Natalia: a musical life

Originally from Poland, 

Natalia is now based in Ireland, one of the most versatile saxophone artists the island has seen. Her career has spanned the concert hall to the club, playing across music genres with insight, technique and flair thanks to her Classical trained background.

Having taken up the saxophone as a child, Natalia studied with Andrzej Zwarycz in Jelenia Góra and later graduated with an M.A. in her instrument from the prestigious Karol Szymanowksi Academy in Katowice. She was granted her second M.A. from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark and awarded First Prize among recital finalists.

In the following years, Natalia moved to Dublin where she quickly embraced new challenges, new music, new friends and a solo profile that blossomed with the success of the Celtic economy.
As resident artist in various Dublin venues, she developed her reputation as a dazzling club music improviser, a vivacious, charismatic performer sought near and far with performances across Ireland, the U.K., Switzerland and Ibiza. 

These days, Natalia balances her home and work life, raising a young family with her Irish husband/manager and representing the Irish State in her official capacity as a member of the Irish Defence Forces School of Music. She lectures at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and maintains a freelance career with various orchestras and ensembles, bands, clubs, festivals, corporate/private events and the international show Riverdance.

Ibiza & Formentera

“These islands are special for me, and I look forward to returning again and again. So much music, so much sky and sand and sea, a paradise.

A stay at the beautiful Hotel Blanco on Formentera some years ago turned into a poolside performance and I fell in love with the island, its little dusty country lanes and quiet, sparkling beaches. 

Plans are afoot to perform again in Ibiza but we’ll have more news of that via my social media channels.” – N

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