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Wedding performance options:

Natalia can perform at one of four points in your wedding day. These are, in the usual order: 

1. your ceremony. For church ceremony, she can play classical music with her accompanist – hear an example – or lighter music too. For civil ceremonies an accompanist is also an option but more often that not Natalia performs contemporary music with her backing tracks.

2. your drinks reception. To welcome your guests to the reception venue and really kick-start the fun, Natalia will serenade everyone with her sax & tracks setup for 1.5 hrs, building the tempo as the afternoon progresses. 
As part of her drinks reception performance, she may also play you into your dining room (2/3 songs) 

3. Dessert surprise: after sitting for so long, get your guests on their feet with a 40-min surprise performance! We discreetly set up Natalia’s PA in your dining room in advance. She usually starts  after dessert is served, but this is flexible.

4. Natalia’s most popular choice: late-night performance with DJ (approx. 2 hrs, starting after your band and finishing at 2am)
Natalia can recommend some DJs she often plays with or she’s equally happy to play with any DJ you book yourself (your band might offer one, for example) 

From past experience, we’ve found it makes the best impact when Natalia performs at just one point in your day (too much of a good thing can undo the magic effect)
For more details on all these options, see our Wedding FAQs below.

Parties, birthdays, celebrations.

In general, Natalia plays at private parties for one hour, for best impact. She can either team up with a DJ (yours or hers, doesn’t matter) or simply perform solo with her own PA system, backing tracks and live sax. When requested, she can play for longer but we strongly recommend booking a DJ in that case in order to shape your night in terms of tempo and energy.

Natalia arrives in full-on party mode with dazzling designer outfits, handmade feather headdresses etc. In addition, she plays through a top-of-the-range Bose PA system with high-end Sennheiser and iSolo microphones to bring you great sound.

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Book a DJ or not? 

In general, a party is always better with a DJ, as they dedicate their focus and skill to sustaining a great night by responding to the room, guiding the energy up and down with the right music choices. While Natalia can still wow a crowd with her PA and backing tracks where space or budget may not permit a DJ, it’s hard for her to have the same level of control as a DJ because she’s focussed on delivering a high-energy sax performance. For example, playing requests wouldn’t be possible.

Natalia plays with a huge variety of DJs all the time, which helps us to recommend the best. 

Corporate events, festivals

Natalia’s performance can be tailored to suit your event in terms of her style of music and appearance. We can involve other musicians too, eg percussionist/bongo player, female club violinist, dancers, etc. If you have a theme, brand or style in mind, Natalia will be on board and likes to link in with your ideas. 
Typically, Natalia performs for around 1.5 hours and can provide her twin Bose PA system which caters excellently for large or adjoining function rooms, guaranteeing great sound coverage.

Natalia in festival performance

Some Wedding FAQs

Yes, we have several DJs Natalia plays regularly with and will gladly recommend them and forward on their quotes to you so you may book them directly. It’s also no problem for Natalia to play with any DJ you book yourself. With a bit of advance communication, it’s easy to work out the tech details, playlist etc.

Yes, if you book Natalia to play your drinks reception, she can arrange to move her PA system while your guests are being called and she will be ready with 2/3 songs of your choice to play you into your dining room.

Absolutely, if you have a couple of songs you’d really love to hear, Natalia will be glad to perform them. In general, she will play along with whatever the DJ chooses (so talk to your DJ about what kind of music you want). She herself only has a few songs that she requires the DJ to play, songs which she KNOWS from vast experience will get the floor hopping (whether guests know them or not, young or old). Here are some current titles:

Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) – Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson
Jubel – Klingande
Jungle – Emma Louise
This Girl – Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners
Cheerleader – OMI, Felix Jaehn remix
Rhythm of the Night – Corona (Blonde Version)
Symphony – Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson
Sexual – Neiked ft DYO
Pjanoo – Eric Prydz
Sweet lovin – Sigala
Show me love – Steve Angelo
MK – 17

Fair question: firstly, you’re hiring not just one person (as per drinks reception or late-night) but two: Natalia AND her sound engineer, the person who discreetly enters the dining room to set up her PA so she can enter with a bang. Secondly, drinks receptions take place during customary working/sociable hours (albeit on Saturdays, sometimes) – the dessert performance is late and during unsociable hours, eating into family time, etc. Thirdly, a lot more time is usually involved than you’d think, much more than just 40 minutes. For drinks receptions and late-night performances, she can generally turn up and start playing without much delay. The end-of-dessert surprise is different insofar as she must be ready to go at just the right moment, and that right moment hinges on many unknowns: ie whether the meal starts late or on time, how long the speeches. For this reason, she must come very early and – usually – sit and wait. This is all time in which she can take on no other work, time dedicated to the couple’s wedding. And her sound engineer must also come early and sit and wait … until the time is right.

Sorry, Natalia doesn’t do this for a number of practical reasons involving rehearsal time, soundcheck, micing and insurance.

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